Agriculture in Yuma

Despite being surrounded by miles of desert, Yuma, Arizona is home to a surprisingly robust agriculture industry.

Yuma’s mild winters, beautiful weather (350 days of sun annually), rich soil fed by the Colorado River, expansive labor force and high-quality irrigation water give it one of the longest growing seasons in the United States. Because of this, Yuma ranks #1 in productions of lemons, tangerines, watermelon, cantaloupe and Pima cotton. Furthermore, Yuma County ranks #2 in field corn and Upland cotton production.

In the 1930’s Bruce Church Company was one of the first to grow lettuce in Yuma during the winter, helping to make fresh lettuce available to consumers all year round. Since then, lettuce has become one of the most popular crops in the city, and Yuma is the “winter lettuce capital of the world,” with its salad plants processing up to two million pounds of lettuce daily.

To say life in Yuma is a “growing concern” is certainly an understatement!

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Nearby Yuma food technology and agribusiness companies

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  • JBS Five Rivers Cattle Feeding
  • Tanimura and Antle
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  • Barkley Ag Enterprises
  • Associated Citrus Packers
  • Nunes Cooling
  • Sunlund Chemical Company, Inc.
  • Boelts Farms
  • Sakata Seeds
  • Helena Chemical Company
  • Dinsmore Farms
  • The Gowan Company
  • Gowan Milling
  • National Beef
  • Fresh Express
  • Skyview Cooling
  • Priority Cooling
  • Pasquinelli Produce
  • True Leaf
  • Classic Salads, LLC
  • Marlin Packing, Inc.
  • Pacific International Cooling
  • Desert Depot